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Shaklee : Set Breastfeeding

This month Shaklee is having promotion for ESP - Soy Protein Isolate Powder so hurry up and grab this opportunity!

Set A :
ESP (Soy Protein Isolate Powder) + Alfalfa (90 biji) = RM135.00
(promotion for Oct 2012 only)

FREE shaker dengan setiap pembelian!!

Normal price is RM165.00 so penjimatan yg byk di situ.
Kebaikan ESP?
You may refer to this entry.

ESP ni berat dia 850g, lebih kurang 90 scoop so boleh tahan lebih kurang sebulan setengah...
Alfalfa (90 biji) pun untuk bekalan 30++ days if sehari makan dalam 3 biji.

Set B :
Vita-Lea + B Complex + Vitamin C + Alfalfa = RM80 only
(trial pack for 1-month)

FREE bekas simpanan dengan setiap pembelian!!

Nak tau kebaikan milk booster set Shaklee nih?
hoho memang banyakkkk sangat.

Whatever it is, yang penting sekali, untuk menjayakan breastfeeding, kekerapan penyusuan harus setiap 3-4 jam dan sehingga payudara dikosongkan, dan sila minum air banyak-banyak ya barulah peningkatan susu berkesan. Kot kalau ko minum air sehari segelas je, tang mana nak datang susu tu kan.


but as for the kebaikan of Alfalfa?
yes, this one pun memang banyak sangat :)
meh aku listkan sikit di sini ya.

  • It lowers cholesterol 
  • Contains essential enzymes needed to efficiently digest food Alfalfa is a great digestive aid 
  • Aids in healing peptic ulcers 
  • Aids the kidneys in ridding the body of excess fluid and regulates the bowels 
  • Helps the body fight off infection Alfalfa has a long history of health benefits. Some consider it a superfood! Alfalfa is rich in vitamins 
  • Alfalfa is rich in minerals 
  • Alfalfa is high in protein 
  • and the most important is - Alfalfa is Pregnancy and Lactation Remedies!
AL-FAL-FA meaning father of all foods. The Arabs were so convinced that it was beneficial to the health and strength of the body. The ancient Greeks used alfalfa to treat a variety of diseases including bladder and kidney conditions. Traditional Chinese medicine uses alfalfa to treat kidney stones. Alfalfa has been used as human food and herbal medicine for at least 1500 years.

Sila la dapatkan Set A bulan ni sebab ESP tgh promo gila2!!
Set B tengah pending sekarang ni sebab Vitamin C kehabisan stok di semua branch.


Our Price = RM280.00 (Normal = RM293.00)
(Set Bersalin + 10% off for any purchase of Amway product OR free Shawl)

Our Price = RM290.00 (Normal = RM365.00)
(Set Bersalin + 10% off for any purchase of Amway product OR free Shawl)


To order/enquiries you may contact me :
Email :
FB : charmsandcolors
SMS/WhatsApp : 019 6555700 (Fasha)
Website :
Shaklee ID : 888941

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