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Personalized Wedding Guestbook

Looking for affordable, personalized Wedding Guestbook?

CHARMSandCOLORS Gallery has collections of personalized wedding guestbook, making it easy to find the right guestbook for your wedding. Our handmade guestbooks came in various colors with additional ornaments like butterflies/ribbons/ buttons/flowers (based on request).

It is important to have a guestbook for your wedding since it will help many newly married couple to remember who came to their wedding, organize thank-you notes, and start a formal address book.

Each of our handmade wedding guestbook will add a touch of excellence on your special day.

Price : RM55.00++ (depends on materials) - free delivery
No. of pages : 30 pages (additional RM5.00 for every 10 pages)
Type : 3-ring binders guestbook
Material (Coverpage) : Fabric
Material (Inside) : 120gsm paper (White/Cream/Pink)
Material (Fabric) : *refer here*

Wedding : Faizin & Anuar

Wedding of Faizin & Anuar
Date : 26th March 2011
Theme : Coral red and gold

Wedding : Shamsuri & Shazreena

Wedding of Shamsuri & Shazreena
Date : 26th March 2011
Theme : Pink purple

Wedding : Raibenna & Idayu

Wedding of Raibenna & Idayu
Date : 26th March 2011
Theme : Apple green

Wedding : Azry & Iryanie

Wedding of Azry & Iryanie
Date : 29th January 2011
Theme : Cream and gold

KLIFE : Fir Healthy Socks

Price : RM42.00
Delivery charges : RM5.00

For those who had problem with their foot, we introduce the new technology imported from Japan that can reduce foot problem, the Klife socks. It use infrared to puncture your point on foot to cure illness, increase metabolism and your blood's flow.

Kebaikan :
• Menghilangkan bau kaki
• Mengurangkan sakit sendi dan lenguh kaki
• Membantu mengurangkan tekanan darah tinggi serta gaut
• Bertindak sebagai refleksologi kepada kaki
• Sesuai untuk mereka yang banyak bediri dan berjalan
• Mengandungi tenaga infra merah dan ion negatif
• Menghilangkan stress dan gangguan semasa tidur
• Sesuai untuk ibu-ibu yang mengandung dan dalam pantang
• Melancarkan perjalanan darah dan mengurangkan bengkak pada kaki

Wedding : Ira & Fuad

Wedding of Ira & Fuad
Date : 12th & 19th February 2011
Theme : Dusty pink and cream

Wedding : Mohd Safuan & Syazwani

Wedding of Mohd Safuan & Syazwani
Date : 5th January 2011
Theme : Cream and pink

Wedding : Mohd Fairuz & Nadhirah

Wedding of Mohd Fairuz & Nadhirah
Date : 5th February 2011
Theme : Dusty pink and cream

Wedding : Akmal & Fazlina

Wedding of Akmal & Fazlina
Date : 30th January 2011
Theme : Polka dot and pink

Wedding : Umliyana & Fahmi

Wedding of Umliyana & Fahmi
Date : 29th January 2011
Theme : Polka dot and pink

Wedding : Iryanie & Azry

Wedding of Iryanie & Azry
Date : 23rd January 2011
Theme : Grey and dusty pink
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