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Loose pack untuk set bersalin?

Kerap juga para ibu bertanya, ‘Set bersalin mana yang paling bagus?’
‘Antara set bersalin XXX dan YYY, yang mana yang paling ok?’
dan macam-macam lagi soalan berkenaan set bersalin.

Maka di sini saya listkan satu lagi set bersalin pilihan ramai, bestseller di CHARMS & COLORS, gabungan loose pack NR (Nona Roguy), Tanamera, Shaklee & Amway dengan harga promosi cuma RM410 (normal RM548) + FREE DELIVERY + FREE GIFT.

SET BERSALIN CharmsExtavia :
1) Amway Baby Oil / Tanamera Kidz Spot Oil / NR Minyak Berubat Herba (120 ml),
2) Bengkung Tanamera (53cm) / Bengkung NR (50cm) / Bengkung Zigzag (46cm),
3) NR Minyak Herbanika (130 ml),
4) NR Pil Phytonatal (90 biji),
5) NR Serbuk Barut Herbanika 150g / Krim Barut 60g,
6) NR Akar Herbanika (15 pek) / Shaklee Ostematrix (120 biji),
7) Shaklee Vitalea (20 biji) - TRIALPACK
8) Tanamera Brown Soap / Green Soap,
9) Tanamera Herbal Bath (12 pek) / Feminine Herbal Wash (12 pek) / Barra Gel 200ml,
10) Tanamera Minyak Kelapa Dara (VCO)

Ada juga yang bertanya, takpe ke guna campur-campur macam ni?

Actually campur-campur tiada masalah, sekiranya ia bukan dari jenis yang sama.

Jamu boleh dimakan dengan vitamin/supplement tetapi jamu tidak boleh dimakan sekali dengan jamu/herba dari brand lain. Vice versa. Sama juga, vitamin/supplement tidak boleh dimakan sekali dengan vitamin/supplement dari brand lain.

Contohnya, utk dalaman, jangan sesekali mkn Vitalea Shaklee serentak dengan multivitamin brand lain. Dan jangan makan Phytonatal dengan jamu brand lain. Ditakuti OVERDOSE.

Disebabkan itu, cara sebaik-baik utk consume item di dalam set ini ialah seperti berikut :
  • Untuk 3 hari pertama, makan 1 biji Vitalea setiap pagi selepas makan. Makan Ostematrix max 3 biji sehari selepas makan malam.
  • Jangan makan Vitalea & Ostematrix serentak kerana kalsium mengurangkan penyerapan iron yang terdapat di dalam Vitalea.
  • Selepas 3 hari, boleh start mkn Phytonatal sebanyak 2-3 biji. Sekiranya baby tidak kuning, boleh continue makan Phytonatal setiap hari. Sekiranya baby kuning, stop dahulu. Tetapi Vitalea & Ostematrix (kalsium) boleh dimakan setiap hari walaupun baby mengalami masalah kuning kerana ia juga tidak memberi effect kpd baby. Ia juga sangat baik untuk menambah tenaga, mengelakkan kejang otot, mengelakkan sembelit dan meningkatkan pengeluaran susu ibu.
Sekiranya memilih Akar Herbanika instead of Ostematrix, juga sangat bagus untuk ibu kena air akar menyegarkan urat saraf, mengurangkan air yang berlebihan (water retention), membantu pengeluaran susu yang baik dan pekat, melawaskan pembuangan air kecil, membantu memecahkan lemak yang degil, mengatasi keletihan, membantu mengatasi masalah sendi seperti gout, reumatisme, arteritis, sakit-sakit sendi dan pelbagai khasiat lain.

Untuk kegunaan luaran juga tiada masalah utk mengambil pelbagai produk tapi secara berpada-padalah. Jangan pulak untuk krim barut, campur krim barut NR dan Amway dlm satu bekas untuk sapu pd perut, kan.

Dan kedua-dua Myk Berubat Herba dan Amway Baby Oil di dalam set ini boleh digunakan sebagai minyak bayi. Ada juga yang mahu lebih jimat, jadi cuma memilih salah satu antara keduanya. Myk Berubat Herba memang sangat banyak kegunaan lain. Selain untuk bayi, ia juga boleh digunakan oleh satu family.

Saya masukkan kedua-duanya di dalam set ini kerana kedua-duanya bestseller kami dan ramai membeli Myk Berubat Herba untuk mempercepatkan luka episiotomi ibu sembuh, mengurangkan ngilu di bhgn jahitan dan sebagai myk urut bayi dan kanak-kanak. Amway Baby Oil pula memang khusus untuk bayi, mengelakkan kembung, dengan bau lebih harum naturally dan digunakan sebagai myk urut bayi setiap hari. 

So dah tau kan apa jawapan saya jika ditanya yang mana satu set bersalin pilihan saya utk berpantang? sudah tentulah set bersalin CharmsExtavia! 10 produk gabungan antara NR (Nona Roguy), Tanamera, Shaklee & Amway dengan harga promosi cuma RM410 (normal RM512) + FREE DELIVERY + FREE GIFT.

Best dan berbaloi-baloi :)

Order & Enquiries :Email :
SMS/WhatsApp : 019 6555700 (Fasha)
Website :
Shaklee ID : 888941

PROMOTION! Giraffe Storage Rack

Promotion for Giraffe Storage Rack!!

8 Storage = RM160 (normal RM350)
12 Storage = RM180 (normal RM380)

Postage = RM10 (Smnjg)

Giraffe Storage Rack features :
  • Children can learn to allocate/organize their own toys with this Giraffe Storage Rack
  • For playrooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms
  • Removable containers make for quick clean up
  • Helps develop organization skills
  • Shelves Measurement : 80 x 34 x 85cm (for 8 storage)
  • Storage container measurement: 26.5 x 15 x 13cm
  • Weight : 10kgs
  • Material: Wooden shelf & plastic container All pictures are for illustration purposes only.
**actual product and packaging may differ


Order & Enquiries :
Email :
SMS/WhatsApp : 019 6555700 (Fasha)
Website :
Shaklee ID : 888941

Tanamera : Set Bersalin (Cara Penggunaan)

Set Bersalin TANAMERA membantu anda meletakkan penekanan pada diri sendiri untuk bersedia semasa mengandung bagi memudahkan proses melahirkan dengan minima atau tanpa koyakkan faraj.berehat dan cepat pulih dan segar sepenuhnya selepas mengandung melahirkan. Seorang ibu baru yang sehat dan segar akan lebih bersedia menghadapi ahli baru dalam keluarga.

TANAMERA Brown Formulation Soap

A combination of herbs and grains with grainy surface. Contains traditional herbs such as tumeric, wild ginger and cinnamon known to improve one’s overall skin condition. The exotic, earthy scent of the patchouli oil is added for an aromatherapy effect.
• Gently removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood circulation.
• Improves overall skin condition.
• Effective in removing brown spots on neck, underarm, inner thighs, abdomen and relieving skin rashes.

How to use :
• Use soap directly on the skin for exfoliating effect when bathing or showering.
• Give more attention to pigmentation prone areas such as neck, abdomen, underarm and inner thighs. • Do not let soap soak in water to ensure longer usage.
• Can be used prenatally.

TANAMERA Herbal Massage Oil

• An all-natural oil infused with lemongrass and other tropical herbs.
• Stimulates blood circulation, promotes release of water retention and flatulence.
• Stimulates metabolism
• Assists the lymphatic system for the elimination of wastes throughout the body.
• Nourishes and revitalizes for smooth and supple skin.
• Aromatherapy effects to calm and relax.
• Relief to back pain, stiff shoulder and neck, swollen and puffy ankles.
• Ideal for Prenatal and Postnatal massage. Do not apply on the breasts for breastfeeding moms.

How to use
1: Pour oil onto palms and rub palms together to warm oil and activate the herbal ingredients.
2: Apply all over body, with long, firm strokes, paying particular attention to areas needing toning. Not be used on the breasts, for breastfeeding mums.
3: Oil may also be massaged onto neck, shoulders and temples for relief of stress and pressure. For caesarean birth, avoid the stitches

TANAMERA Lavender Floral Water

The scent of lavender is known for its relaxing properties for children and adults. It is soothing, comforting as well as healing. Lavender water are highly versatile and can be used for personal care and around the house as below:
For Babycare:
• Calm restless babies by adding few tablespoons of lavender floral into their bathwater. Can be especially beneficial if babies are suffering from nappy rash or eczema. The soothing properties helps calm the irritation and speed up healing.
• A few sprays onto a tissue makes a handy all natural wet-wipe for applications on babies and children.

For Bodycare:
• Perfect for hot weather as a cooling body mist, helps to energise.
• Carry it on a plane to humidify. For Skincare:
• For hydrating dry skin and cooling hot, sensitized skin.
• Help diminish puffy and dark circles under the eyes. Soak cotton wool pads and cover eyes for 10 minutes for immediate and dramatic reduction in puffiness.
• As natural toner for dry sensitive skin.

For Homecare:
• Around the house lavender water is great to freshen the air instead of using aerosols.
• As aromatheraphy pillow spray for adults and children who have difficulty in sleeping, or for a good restful sleep to recharge and relax.

How to use
o Use after bath or anytime of the day when feeling tired.
o Hold the spray bottle 6 inches from your face, or body or pillow and spray liberally in a continuous sweeping manner.
o Inhale deeply and hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds to absorb the scent and enjoy the relaxing effects.

TANAMERA Feminine Herbal Wash
 • A mixture of herbs rich in essential oils, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.
• Promotes healing of stiches, reduces swelling.
• Contracts genital tissues, promotes strengthening of vaginal muscles.
• Keeps genital area clean, deodorized, fresh and cool.
• Excellent for white discharge.

How to use
Start from Day 1
• Immerse 1 sachet in 1 liter of boiling water for 10 minutes.
• Let solution cool to a warm temperature.
• Wash genital area gently with sponge, OR
• Pour some solution into a large basin. Immerse genital into solution and soak for at least 10mins. Do not wash off, so that the herb gets absorbed by skin.
• Optional : Save some unused solution in a spray bottle. Spray solution onto genital after each toilet use.

TANAMERA Herbal Bath
• A traditional blend of highly aromatic herbs rich with essential oils and with anti-inflammatory properties.
• Contains a blend of warming herbs.
• Refreshes, re-energizes, and deodorizes the body.
• Soothes tired and aching muscles and relieves minor skin problems.
• Promotes release of flatulence.

How to use
Step 1: Immerse 1 sachet in 2 liters of boiling water for 20 minutes.
Step 2: Add extract to warm water. Soak in bath tub or use as final rinse. OR use as a sponge bath. For sponge bath, start with your feet, and work your way up to upper body.

• A breastfeeding friendly warming tea that does not contain any caffeine to help new mothers recover after childbirth.
• Promotes flow of breast milk.
• Warms the body and stimulates internal circulation.
• Promotes discharge of blood clots from the uterus during the bleeding period after childbirth.
• Reduces inflammation of uterus and genital area.
• Relieves constipation.
• Promotes release of water retention and flatulence.

How to use
• Brew 1 sachet in 1 cup of hot water for 2-5 minutes and drink while tea is warm.
• Mix with 1 teaspoon of honey for taste, if desired.
• Drink twice a day with meals, preferably during breakfast and dinner.
• Each sachet can be used for 2 days.

TANAMERA Boreh Body Scrub
• A combination of herbs with warming properties.
• Energizes and rejuvenates a tired mother’s body.
• Stimulates blood circulation.
• Releases water retention.
• Lightens pigmentation caused by hormonal change, example dark spots around abdomen, neck, underarm and inner thighs.
• With aromatherapy effect.

How to use :
Step 1: Mix 1 – 2 sachets to 3 tablespoons of warm water to a thick paste.
Step 2: Apply paste all over body. When it is half dry but still moist, scrub skin gently in a gentle circular motion. Concentrate on pigmented areas. Rinse off excess scrub, and shower as normal.

TANAMERA Firming Herbal Blend Paste
• A traditional paste made of a blend of tropical herbs to strengthen and firm stomach muscles from the inside-out.
• Use with the abdominal wrap (bengkung) for best results.
• Promotes release of water retention.
• Stimulates blood flow to the abdominal area and tones loose abdominal skin.
• Strengthens and firms stomach muscles.
• Reduces blemishes and dark spots that may appear on the abdomen.

How to use
Step 1: Mix 1 sachet with 4 tablespoons of warm water to a thick paste.
Step 2: Apply paste onto abdominal area. Spread evenly.
Step 3: Cover with a thin cloth or towel before wearing the abdominal wrap, to prevent soiling of wrap.

TANAMERA Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Prenatal Use:
• To prevent stretch marks, apply on damp skin.
• To prepare for smoother, easier delivery with minimal or no perineal tearing and need for episiotomy, massage VCO on perineum area and consume few weeks before expected delivery date. • To prevent constipation, consume daily.

Postnatal Use:
• To fade stretch marks.
• To soothe and prevent cracked nipples, apply on damp skin.
• To prevent constipation, consume daily.
• As a baby massage oil.

Cara Urutan Perineum

Terdapat beberapa cara untuk melakukan urutan. Ia boleh dilakukan setiap hari sebelum hari anda dijangka bersalin dan ia membantu proses kelahiran dan mengurangkan risiko koyakan. Pertama sekali basuh tangan anda, kemudian lakukan ditempat yang selesa atau privasi. Duduk atau bersandar mengikut keselesaan anda, Boleh juga meminta bantuan suami. Letakkan Minyak Kelapa Dara (VCO) ke ibu jari anda dan kawasan sekitar faraj / perineum. Letakkan ibu jari anda sekitar 1 inci kedalam faraj, tekan kebawah dan sekeliling pada masa yang sama, Buat secara lembut sehingga terasa kerenggangan dan sedikit pedih. Kemudian dengan ibu jari anda, tekan selama 2 minit ke kawasan tersebut sehingga rasa sedikit kebas dan kesan pedih mula hilang, Anda boleh buat secara perlahan-lahan. Apabila anda terus menekan dengan ibu jari anda, secara perlahan lakukan urutan lembut pada bahagian bawah vagina. untuk sekitar 3 minit. Lakukan juga urutan secara menarik dan tolak pada bahagian bawah vagina dengan ibu jari. Ini membantu merenggangkan kulit. Ini kerana kepala bayi akan melalui kawasan tersebut. Lakukan rutin urutan ini setiap hari bermula dari minggu 30 kehamilan. Anda akan dapati kawasan Perineum / vagina anda lembut dan tidak tegang.

TANAMERA Abdominal Wrap/Bengkung

Abdominal wrap is the secret to postnatal slimming, an important device for faster recovery after childbirth. Our abdominal wrap or bengkung is based on a traditional design that gives 360 degree support to a mother’s postnatal body. Practical and easy to put on, the material is unbleached cotton which is soft yet durable for hours of comfort. We strongly recommend its daily use, minimum 12 hours a day, from Day 1 after birth up to 30 days or more. For caesarean birth, use after stitches are dried and healed, normally after 1 week.

• Provides full support from below the breast down to the hip and buttocks to aid in the release of water retention.
• Provide firm control of flabby, sagging abdominal skin.
• For the recovery and firming of the abdominal muscles and tissues.
• For the toning of stretched skin in the torso region.
• Encouragement of the uterus to shrink and recover to its pre-pregnancy size.
• Supports back posture while breastfeeding.

How to use Apply Firming herbal blend on stomach area first (for first 14 days) before using abdominal wrap
Step 1: Spread abdominal wrap on a bed, lie down on it, and tuck in.
Step 2: Starting from the bottom, weave the strap through the ‘eyelets’, pulling it tightly to achieve a firm fit especially on abdominal area.
Step 3: Finish off at the top, tying the strap neatly. The abdominal wrap can be loosened if need to go to toilet

*Recommended to wear the abdominal wrap for at least 12 hours a day, from Day 1 afterbirth, up to 30 days or more.

Order & Enquiries :Email :
FB : charmsandcolors
SMS/WhatsApp : 019 6555700 (Fasha)
Website :
Shaklee ID : 888941
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