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Wedding : Ajan & Farah

Wedding of Ajan & Farah
Date : 31st October 2010
Theme : Cream and dusty pink

Wedding : Hakimi & Shima

Wedding of Hakimi & Shima
Date : 7th November 2010
Theme : Pink and cream

Wedding : Raaid & Mulyani

Wedding of Raaid & Mulyani
Date : 19th December 2010
Theme : Black and creamy gold

Wedding : Khairul Anuar & Siti Hajar

Wedding of Khairul Anuar & Siti Hajar
Date : 5 December 2010
Theme : Pink and cream

Wedding : Mulyani & Raaid

Wedding of Mulyani & Raaid
Date : 19th December 2010
Theme : Colorful theme of purple and cream

Wedding : Reena & Alif

Wedding of Reena & Alif
Date : 20th November 2010
Theme : Apple Green
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